Acceptable Use Service Agreement Privacy Policy Cancellation Policy Late Fee & Returned Checks Policy

The Merchant agrees that CartSquare's services will only be used for lawful purposes. Furthermore, Merchant agrees not use CartSquare products, online shopping carts, or services provided through or in connection with CartSquare to

a. defame, abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others;

b. conduct or forward illegal contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters;

c. sell, promote, publish, post, distribute, disseminate or link to any: (i) inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful product, image, material, service, name, or information; (ii) software or other material protected by intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or publicity, or other proprietary rights, unless you own, control such rights or have received all necessary consents for your use of such software and other materials; (iii) software or other material that contains viruses, corrupted files, or that may or are intended to damage the operation of another's computer (e.g., "cracks" or other programs written to defeat the security measures of any computer, system or programs);

d. sell, distribute, disseminate or link to any sites for marketing, sales or distribution of: adult materials, firearms, explosives, ammunition, liquor, tobacco products, food that is not packaged or does not comply with all applicable laws for sale to consumers by commercial merchants, pharmaceuticals and controlled substances, counterfeit, pirated or stolen goods, any goods or services that infringe or otherwise violate a third party's rights, registered or unregistered securities, goods or services that (i) you cannot legally sell, (ii) are misrepresented, and/or (iii) if sold via CartSquare or Your Web Site would cause CartSquare to violate any law, statute or regulation;

e. harvest or otherwise collect information about third parties, including e-mail addresses, without the express consent of such third parties;

f. restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying its rights in CartSquare; or

g. violate any applicable governmental laws or regulations.

This policy is designed to outline common breaches of Net Etiquette (Acceptable Use), and the actions we will take in cases where the Acceptable Use Policy is breached. This document pertains to breaches of Acceptable Use that are also known as Net Abuse or "spamming."

Net Abuse can be defined as (but is not limited to)...

Sending any kind of unsolicited or unwelcome email to a substantial number of network users, anywhere on the Internet. Posting a single article or substantially similar articles to an excessive number of newsgroups or mailing lists (i.e., 20 or more) Repeated or deliberate posting of articles that are off-topic according to the charter of that newsgroup or mail list Posting commercial advertising in almost any conference or newsgroup, unless it is specifically permitted within that group.

Net Abuse is undesirable because...

Some Internet Service Providers will block all access to the shopping cart system, web site, and email support department. This affects not only the offending customer, but all of our customers.

Recipients of abuse messages occasionally get quite angry and will retaliate with Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, affecting all customers.

What happens if your account is associated with Net Abuse?

We investigate all reported occurrences of net abuse, and we will take action according to the circumstances and severity of the abuse. For first offenders, we will normally issue a warning, and take necessary action to minimize any damage. If it is not your first offense or it is clear you intended to breach the Acceptable Use Policy, we may immediately take any of the following actions:

Immediate suspension of your account, halting all order processing. Possible termination of account.

Reports and Questions about Net Abuse

Please send all questions about Net Abuse and reports of Net Abuse to

While it is not our role to police the Internet, we are committed to maintaining Internet etiquette. Remember: Net Abuse is contrary to our conditions of use, and can seriously threaten the operation of our network services for all customers. We will not tolerate Net Abuse of any kind.
CartSquare is a family friendly service.
Our policy is to not service adult or illegal internet websites.
(for specific terms see below)

This Agreement may be amended by CartSquare at any time upon written or electronic notice to Merchant of not less than ten (10) days prior to the effective date of such amendment, except for service fee or other fee increases of which will be upon thirty (30) days' notice.

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CartSquare Online Shopping Cart Privacy Policy

CartSquare ("CartSquare", "we", "our", "us") values your privacy and endeavors to treat your personal information with due care and security. Our Privacy Policy sets forth the ways in which CartSquare obtains and uses your personal information. CartSquare reserves the right, without notice, to modify or eliminate all or a portion of this Privacy Policy at any time. By making use of the CartSquare website or any CartSquare product or service, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy in its ongoing form.

CartSquare may collect information directly from you in order to provide products or services, to administer customer service assistance, or to fulfill any legal or regulatory requirements. CartSquare may also obtain personal information as a result of a consumer's financial transactions using the CartSquare product(s) or through a merchant that uses the CartSquare products and/or services. With respect to any information a CartSquare merchant may provide, CartSquare will treat the information in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CartSquare online Service Agreement, which may be viewed at here.

CartSquare may store the information that you provide. This information may include, for example, your name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number, as well as certain interactive data such as the type of browser you use, the files you request, or the domain or IP address you use to access our website(s). If you supply us with personal data or request information from us, we may use your information to respond to your request. If you are a CartSquare merchant you may receive third-party email notifications and/or offers relating to products or services in which CartSquare believes you may have an interest. You can change the preference settings in your CartSquare account at any time.

CartSquare limits access to your personal information to those CartSquare employees and business clients that need the information in order to provide our products and services to you. If you are a CartSquare merchant, we may share your information with outside parties for such purposes as (by way of example and not of limitation) obtaining credit reports, performing customer verifications, and administering underwriting and risk management functions. We will disclose your information in response to a valid request issued by a court, government agency or regulatory authority.

When we have a direct customer relationship with you, we will strive to make information available to you about the general uses of the information we collect. Generally, we publish or link to this information on web pages at the point of sale, through privacy notices on our websites, and by other means specified by applicable state and federal laws.

When we obtain personal information as part of our direct relationship with you, we will not share this information with non-affiliated third parties, except in the following circumstances:
  • In accordance with the CartSquare Privacy Policy
  • To facilitate and complete merchant-initiated or authorized transactions
  • To comply with federal, state, and local laws, including credit reporting laws and credit card association rules
  • To investigate fraud
  • In the case of CartSquare merchants, to offer products and services that CartSquare believes may be of interest to you.
CartSquare employs industry-standard security measures to protect personal information collected against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. These measures may include, without limitation, encryption, restricted internal access, physical access security, and other technologies. CartSquare continually reviews and enhances its security systems in an ongoing effort to provide safe and secure treatment of its data.

As part of its products and services, CartSquare may create links to third-party websites. CartSquare is not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by third-party websites that are linked to our website, nor does CartSquare control or warrant the utility, merchantability, or workmanship of the products or services offered at third-party websites. Before you supply your personal information to a third-party website, whether or not the third party is a merchant, client, or partner of CartSquare, you should review and understand the applicable privacy policy for that website.

The examples contained in this Privacy Policy are illustrations only, and they are not intended to be all-inclusive. If your CartSquare account is terminated for any reason or if you become an inactive customer, our Privacy Policy will continue to apply. If you are a merchant using the CartSquare product(s) or service(s), this Privacy Policy applies to all accounts you may have with us, and it replaces all our previous disclosures to you about our information practices.

If you have any questions about the CartSquare Privacy Policy, please contact us using one of the methods available on the "Contact Us" page of the CartSquare website.

This CartSquare Privacy Policy is currently applicable only to persons making use of the CartSquare website, product(s), and/or services(s) in the United States of America. To the extent allowed by law, the same terms and conditions hereof apply to non-U.S. parties. However, additional terms and conditions under international laws and cross-border credit card association regulations may apply.
Cancellation Policy
  • Merchant may terminate service with 30 days written notice. Only a faxed / mailed request in writing relieves the merchant from the obligation to pay charges at the conclusion of 30 days from date of receipt of notice. CartSquare reserves the right to cancel merchant's shopping cart account at any time for any reason. CartSquare reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
  • The service may be terminated by sending a Fax to 801-812-1209
  • Mailed to:
        727 North 1550 East Suite 225
        Orem, UT 84097
  • Cancellations must include the following:
    1. Your "username" within the CartSquare system.
    2. Signed and dated by the person listed in the "Contact Us" information of the cart administration.
    3. An email address you would like confirmation sent to.
    4. Reason for cancellation.
  • An email will be sent within 2 business days confirming that your account has been cancelled. Note: If you do not receive our confirmation email confirming that your fax was received and your account cancelled, you have not successfully cancelled your account.
Note: Following this policy will cancel your shopping cart service only. To cancel your merchant account or other service please contact the company that maintains that account.
CartSquare reserves the right, without notice, to modify or eliminate all or a portion of these policies.

CartSquare Late Fee

At this time we do not charge any late fees for past due payments. However, if payment is not collected on time we will send you an email notification that you need to make your payment. If you do not respond within 14 days, we will send you another notice and suspend the shopping carts ability to take new orders.

CartSquare Returned Check Fee

A $15.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks, including e-checks. Please note that to resolve your past due payment must be made by credit card, cashiers check, or money order. (Note: The charge was $20.00 before Feb/1/2003)

Please note that these policies are only for fees charged directly by CartSquare, not for merchants using our software, nor for your payment gateway. For information on their policies please contact them.